Russian Proverbs and Sayings

Learn Russian with Russian proverbs and sayings.

Every proverb comes with stress marks, translation, explanation and audio.

Click on a title to find out the meaning and listen to the audio.

Understand Russian culture and history

Russian proverbs and sayings is a great way to not only learn Russian and grow your Russian vocabulary, but also to understand Russian culture and the history of Russia.

Vladimir Dal, one of the greatest Russian-language lexicographers and the creator of the Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language, said: a saying is a flower, and a proverb is a berry.

Wisdom of generations of Russians

Russian proverbs and sayings are not just artifacts of antiquity. They are concentrated wisdom: in each of them there is an experience of a whole human life.

Russian proverbs and sayings are based on observations made by the Russian people for ages. There are also many that are translated from ancient written sources or borrowed from world literature works.

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