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What you get when you subscribe

You pay only once - 25 € - and after that you will be receiving one podcast episode per week, starting from the episode #001 and until the last one we have at that moment in time.

It means you will have regular advanced Russian practice for more than the next 3 years!

The newsletter includes:

  • full podcast transcription with translation,
  • vocabulary learned in the episode,
  • the audio file that you can download and listen to any time,
  • two PDF versions of the transcription (for desktop and mobile devices).

So you won't need to open the site, you will have everything you need and can keep it forever.

After the payment, you will be able to specify the email to which you want the newsletter to be delivered and the day of the week on which you want to receive it.

If you want to pause the subscription at some moment and resume it on a certain date, you will be able to do it too.


Price - 25 €.

One-time payment via PayPal.

Alternatvely, you can buy the first 160 episodes of the podcast as MP3s + PDFs here (without weekly emails).

Thank you for your support, it's much appreciated!

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