Russian podcast beyond your standard textbooks

Learn Russian slang, idioms, and common expressions that your teacher would never tell you about!

For intermediate and advanced learners

Every episode is dedicated to one or a few Russian expressions that you are very likely to hear among your Russian friends, watching Russian movies, or simply in the street. Many of these expressions are strictly colloquial.

All you need from a Russian language podcast

The podcast audio is of good quality and recorded by a native Russian speaker at a normal conversational speed. Every episode comes with a full transcription in Russian with stress marks and translation in English, available for free.

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What our listeners say

  • Meeli321, 02/25/2012

    Absolutely wonderful

    I love this podcast. I've been studying Russian for a few years and this is perfect for my level. I love how the author includes the text of her lesson. I wish there were more podcasts like this one. Don't stop making these please!

  • ImyaVetra, 08/22/2012

    My favorite Russian podcast

    Really enjoy these podcasts! Not only do I learn slang and everyday expressions (harder than technical computer documents : ), but I can also listen to the beautiful pronounciation in the audio and compare it to mine - using this technique I finally mastered soft R - as in время, стрелять, and so on.
    Thank you, and please keep making them!:)

  • 10rac17, 09/18/2012

    just what I was looking for

    I've studied Russian for several years and spent some time living in Moscow-- this really helps me understand and internalize contemporary Russian. they're worth listening to several times!

  • Thought2Thought, 03/31/2017

    Useful Podcast Wonderfully Structured

    This is an excellent podcast for going beyond the textbook--A great way to enhance your language learning and understanding of a little Russian culture through their idioms. The author also includes really helpful description notes so you can follow along and have a translation handy if need be. It's helped me enormously, thank you!!

  • Scocha1, 03/30/2019


    Thank you for your hard work on this podcast, I sincerely hope you will continue! The themes are relevant, timely, and always interesting. The pace and level of vocabulary is very beneficial for my language development. This is by far my favorite Russian podcast. I’m ready for more episodes! Thanks.

  • igorhiller, 07/26/2020


    Thank you so much for creating this podcast, and for putting the Russian with emphasis in the show notes along with the English translation. My family emigrated to the US form the Soviet Union when I was a baby, so I grew up speaking Russian at home, but my vocabulary is super limited, and I’m missing out on idiomatic expressions, slang, swearing, and shades of meaning (to say nothing of grammar). I learn a TON from your incredibly well-made podcast. Thank you! If you taught a Russian course, I would take it.

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