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С милым рай и в шалаше

With accent marks:

С ми́лым рай и в шалаше́.


With a darling, even a hut is a paradise.


This phrase is used to say that love and happiness are more important than material well-being and comfort.

This phrase is considered to be a Russian proverb, however in fact, this is a line from a very popular in 18-19 centuries poem "Russian Song" by Russian poet of Tatar origin Nigmat Ibragimov (1778—1818):

Не ищи меня, богатый:
Ты не мил моей душе.
Что мне, что твои палаты?
С милым рай и в шалаше!

Don't look for me, rich guy:
You are not sweet to my soul.
What are your chambers for me?
With my darling I have a paradise in a hut!

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