Conversational Russian


Transcription (the accent is shown in capital letters):


Translation / meaning:

to be answerable (for), to take the rap (for)

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  • щас

    shortened "сейчас" (now)

  • обмозговать

    to consider, to think over, to mull over

  • застукать

    to catch in the act

  • смотрит в книгу, видит фигу

    (lit. - looks into a book, sees a fig) the expression is used to describe situations when someone is so taken by his thoughts that doesn't register anything he reads or watches

  • зашиваться

    to be unable to cope (with); to be unable to manage

  • каюк

    end, trouble, breakdown

  • тронутый

    crazy, nuts, wacko


    Abbreviation for Средства Массовой Рекламы, Агитации, и Дезинформации (Media of Mass Advertising, Agitation, and Disinformation). It is a modified version of СМИ (Средства Массовой Информации - mass media).

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