мобила / мобильник

Conversational Russian


Transcription (the accent is shown in capital letters):

[ma-BEE-la / ma-BEEL'-neek]

Translation / meaning:

mobile phone

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  • залёт

    getting pregnant

  • врубиться

    to understand

  • не в себе

    1. crazy, wacko, nuts, not in his right mind 2. in a bad state, thrown off balance


    Abbreviation for Средства Массовой Рекламы, Агитации, и Дезинформации (Media of Mass Advertising, Agitation, and Disinformation). It is a modified version of СМИ (Средства Массовой Информации - mass media).

  • пердимонокль

    - something that causes a strong surprise - a situation from which there is no way out but that can be considered funny in some extent

  • геморройный

    difficult, unpleasant, problematic

  • переться

    to go somewhere, usually unwillingly as it implies heaviness of the process

  • горит

    it is urgent

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