to bring on charge, to register the goods

in the conversation language can mean “consume”, “eat”, “drink”, “use”

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  • фигово

    lousy, it sucks

  • сожрать

    to gorge, to guzzle, to stuff one's face, to pig out

  • харэ

    comes from 'хорош, хорошо' and means 'enough!'

  • харэ

    short of "хорош", meaning "enough"

  • тормозить

    to think or act very slowly (lit: to put the brake on, to hinder)

  • не в себе

    (lit. - out of oneself) 1. crazy, wacko, nuts, not in his right mind 2. in a bad state, thrown off balance

  • смыться

    to vanish, to slip away

  • каюк

    end, trouble, breakdown

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