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to give a scolding

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  • гореть синим пламенем

    lit: to burn with a blue flame expression of extreme dissapointment, close to "damn it!"

  • отшить

    to get rid of

  • фигня

    (= глупости, выдумки, чушь) stuff and nonsense; (= что-то негодное) trash, junk; (= неразбериха) mess; (= штуковина) thingy.

  • зашиваться

    to be unable to cope (with); to be unable to manage

  • тормоз

    a person who thinks or acts very slowly, a thing that works very slowly (lit: brake)

  • пофиг

    don't care

  • куда ни шло

    (reluctant) it's ok, fine

    Often it is used in a contraposition, where after "куда ни шло" goes "но" (but).

  • стукнутый

    crazy, wacko, loony, nuts, off one's rocker

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