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Husband and wife are fighting


Ссо́рятся муж с жено́й. Жена́:
– Я кручу́сь как идио́тка в колесе́!
– Не идио́тка, а бе́лка!
– У бе́лки хотя́ бы шу́ба есть, а я идио́тка!


Husband and wife are fighting. Wife:
- I run round like an idiot in a wheel!
- Not an idiot, a squirrel!
- The squirrel has at least a fur coat, but I'm an idiot!


Крутиться как белка в колесе (to run round lika a squirrel in a wheel) means to be always busy, to do a lot of work without rest.

Шуба (fur coat) for a Russian woman is an indicator of being wealthy. Traditionally, Russian women begin to feel rich when she has a fur coat (far from all of them though).
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