Russian joke of the week

Dad, give me money!

— Па́па, дай мне 200 рубле́й, — говори́т сын.
— А мне — 500, — про́сит дочь.
— А мне ну́жно 2000, — добавля́ет жена́.
— Да что с ва́ми сего́дня случи́лось? — удивля́ется оте́ц.
— Ты забы́л? У тебя́ за́втра 23 февраля́!

In English

- Dad, give me 200 rubles, - the son says.
- And 500 rubles to me, - the daughter asks.
- And I need 2000, - the wife adds.
- What happened to all of you today? - the father is surprised.
- You forgot? Tomorrow is your day, February, 23, defender of the fatherland!


February 23 is the Defender of the Fatherland Day in Russia. On this day, it is customary to congratulate men of all professions and ages. Read more about it here.
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