Russian Jokes and Anecdotes

Funny and educative

We read through tons of Russian jokes and anecdotes to select for you the ones that are funny and interesting to share. Some of the jokes we choose are old, others are reflection of our times.

Every jokes is presented in Russian (with stress marks) and in English, and comes along with an audio recorded by a native Russian speaker. A new joke is published every Monday.

Good for everybody

Even if you are not learning Russian at the moment, you will always have a joke or two in your pocket to make people around you laugh, and laugh is good for everybody's health.

And if you do learn Russian, these funny Russian jokes will provide you with interesting and useful conversational vocabulary and cultural references.

About Russian jokes

Russian jokes are called "anecdotes" in Russia. Many of them are based on cultural stereotypes, social and political situations and events.

Even the ability to speak fluent Russian can not guarantee that you will understand Russian jokes. They are often full of slang, cultural references, game of words, and include nuances of Russian mentality that are not clear to foreigners. Russia went through hard times multiple times, so you might find some of Russian humor a bit bitter and sometimes based on misery.

One of the most popular character of Russian jokes is Vovochka. Vovochka is a schoolboy. He refers to life in a naive and at the same time cynical way. This allows him to find unnaturalness and irrationality in the behavior of adults and do not hesitate to point at them.

A large number of Russian jokes play on the topic of marital infidelity, drinking, and the stupidity of those who are put to manage other people (traffic police, for example). There are jokes about animals which represent people and get into human-like situations. And there are just stupid jokes that play around unreal situations (for example, talking animals).

In out collection, we also have Russian jokes about friendship, teachers and students, doctors, parent and children, relationships of people with God, as well as old Soviet jokes.

If you want to learn more about Russian humor in general, we have a whole podcast episode about it.

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