уши режет

Conversational Russian

Translation / meaning:

it hurts one’s ears (to hear that)

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  • сбрендить

    to go crazy, to lose one's wits

  • ну начинается...

    here we go again... /thanks Adelia/ (lit. - it's beginning...), used to express that something undesirable is starting again

  • разрулить

    to solve a problem, to find a way out of a situation

  • ни фига


  • ноут

    laptop, notebook (slang)


    Abbreviation for Средства Массовой Рекламы, Агитации, и Дезинформации (Media of Mass Advertising, Agitation, and Disinformation). It is a modified version of СМИ (Средства Массовой Информации - mass media).

  • зашиваться

    to be unable to cope (with); to be unable to manage

  • баранка

    steering wheel

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