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  • не в себе

    (lit. - out of oneself) 1. crazy, wacko, nuts, not in his right mind 2. in a bad state, thrown off balance

  • ничего себе

    (= неплохо) not too bad

  • набить морду

    to whack somebody in the face, to knock somebody's block off [rude]

  • за надом!

    an answer to the question "зачем?" (= надо мне!)

  • заучка

    nerd, grind, wonk, one who always studies (comes from the verb "учить")

  • зашибись

    very good, cool, excellent; expression of disappointment or unexpected trouble.

  • бесить

    to enrage, to infuriate, to madden, to drive wild

  • выпереть

    to expel, to fire (out), to give the sack, to sack, to dismiss,

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