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to get drunk

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  • офигеть

    to go crazy, to go nuts

  • халява

    freebie, free ride, free lunch, chance to freeload etc

  • холодрыга


  • протащить закон

    lit.: to push the law through A colloquial expression that means "to make a law to be approved at any cost".

  • обламывать

    to be a bummer, to spoil the plans / fun

  • сожрать

    to gorge, to guzzle, to stuff one's face, to pig out


    Abbreviation for Средства Массовой Рекламы, Агитации, и Дезинформации (Media of Mass Advertising, Agitation, and Disinformation). It is a modified version of СМИ (Средства Массовой Информации - mass media).

  • уши режет

    it hurts one's ears (to hear that)

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