Russian joke of the week

Stop nagging me!

Муж жене́:
Не выноси́ мне мозг!
– Да его́ туда́ и не заноси́ли…

In English

(The joke is based on the game of Russian words, so we tried to give you the closest translation that makes sense in English.)

Husband to wife:
- You are taking my brains out of my head!
- Well, that would be true if anybody put them in there in the first place...


"Выносить мозг" literally means "to take the brain out" and can be translated as "to irritate or nag someone", "to break one's balls". You can learn more about this expression here.

The joke is built on the game of words: выносить - заносить (to take out - to take in).
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