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Lawyer in the making

– Мам, челове́ка ра́зве мо́жно руга́ть за то, чего́ он не де́лал?
– Нет, коне́чно нельзя́.
– Коро́че, уро́ки я не сде́лала.

In English

- Mom, can a person be blamed for what he or she did not do?
- No, of course not.
- Right, so I did not do my homework.
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2 comments on “Lawyer in the making

  1. I really appreciate this serie of jokes and anecdotes, but it would be even much better if accomplished by a sound file.
    My best regards.

    • Очень по-русски says:

      Hello Fernando,

      Thanks for the comment. The sound is there, you need to click the blue button at the bottom of the screen and the audio player will appear.

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