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to go crazy, to lose one’s wits

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  • за надом!

    an answer to the question "зачем?" (= надо мне!)

  • тормознутый

    a person who thinks or acts very slowly / a thing that works very slowly

  • пофигист

    the one who follows pofigism (a way to look at things not caring about them)

  • где тебя носило?

    where have you been [carried]?

  • спятить

    to go crazy, to lose one's wits


    Abbreviation for Средства Массовой Рекламы, Агитации, и Дезинформации (Media of Mass Advertising, Agitation, and Disinformation). It is a modified version of СМИ (Средства Массовой Информации - mass media).

  • на халяву

    for free (en français: à l’œil, aux frais de la princesse)

  • крышка

    end, trouble, breakdown

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