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window dressing, ostentation, outward show

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  • могильник

    a pile of papers on someone's desktop that seem to have been there forever (lit: mortuary, waste burial place)

  • взбучка

    scolding, dressing down

  • обалдеть

    to grow dumb with astonishment, to be dumb-founded, to drop one's jaw

  • не горит

    it isn't urgent

  • прикрыть задницу

    to cover someone's ass

  • облом

    flop, washout, bummer

  • пердимонокль

    - something that causes a strong surprise - a situation from which there is no way out but that can be considered funny in some extent

  • фигня

    (= глупости, выдумки, чушь) stuff and nonsense; (= что-то негодное) trash, junk; (= неразбериха) mess; (= штуковина) thingy.

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