кидать / кинуть


Russian slang


How to read (transcription):

[kee-DAT' / KEE-nut']


to cheat, to defraud

Russian alphabet

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  • развезло

    меня развезло = I got drunk его быстро развозит = he quickly gets drunk (from small amount of alcohol)

  • нарк

    (= наркоман) drug addict

  • безбашенный

    reckless, inadequate person who is capable of risky actions comes from "без башни" (without a tower where tower refers to the head)

  • в неадеквате

    inadequate, about someone who is unpredictable and difficult to deal with

  • запаренный

    tired, weary, exhausted, overworked, in a hurry

  • чайник


  • вынос мозга

    something complicated or extraordinary, hardly imaginable;

  • мерс

    Mercedes car

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