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To That Highway - Claudia Shulzhenko

На тот большак – Клавдия Шульженко (1961)

The song “To That Highway” became the musical theme of the film “A Simple Story” – a story about the emotional experiences of an ordinary woman who became the representative of a collective farm.

On the Soviet stage, before this song, love was either a sublime feeling, coming and going, or a psychophysical state associated with the onset of spring. People suffered because of love, but not so much. “To That Highway” became the first Soviet song about love as the meaning of all life.

Lyrics and translation

  • На тот больша́к, на перекрёсток
    Уже́ не на́до бо́льше мне ходи́ть.
    Жить без любви́, быть мо́жет, про́сто,
    Но как на све́те без любви́ прожи́ть?

  • To that highway, to the crossroads,
    I don't need to go anymore.
    Living without love is maybe easy,
    But how can one live without love?

  • Пуска́й любо́вь тебя́ обма́нет,
    Пуска́й не сто́ит е́ю дорожи́ть,
    Пуска́й она́ печа́лью ста́нет,
    Но как на све́те без любви́ прожи́ть?

  • Let love deceive you,
    Let it not be worth cherishing it,
    Let it become sadness,
    But how can one live without love ?

  • Не на́до мне, не на́до бы́ло
    Любви́ навстре́чу сто́лько лет спеши́ть.
    Я б никогда́ не полюби́ла,
    Но как на све́те без любви́ прожи́ть?

  • I didn't need, I didn't need to
    Hurry to meet love for so many years.
    I would have never fell love,
    But how can one live without love?

  • От э́тих мест куда́ мне де́ться?
    С любо́й тропи́нкой хо́чется дружи́ть,
    Ведь здесь моё оста́лось се́рдце,
    А как на све́те без него́ прожи́ть?

  • Where can I go from these places?
    I want to be friends with every path,
    Because my heart stayed here,
    And how in the world to live without it?

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