терять совесть


Conversational Russian


How to read (transcription):

[tee-RYAT' SO-veest']


to lose one’s conscience (to behave immoral or indecent)

Russian alphabet

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  • куда ни шло

    (reluctant) it's ok, fine

    Often it is used in a contraposition, where after "куда ни шло" goes "но" (but).

  • нахлобучить

    1. to put a hat on pulling it down over one's forehead or ears; 2. to give a scolding

  • задубеть

    to feel cold, to be frozen

  • сопляк

    greenhorn, snotnose, milksop, wimp, spineless creature

  • наложить в штаны

    to dump a load in one's pants, to shit the pants

  • завал

    a lot of work

  • фигня

    (= глупости, выдумки, чушь) stuff and nonsense; (= что-то негодное) trash, junk; (= неразбериха) mess; (= штуковина) thingy.

  • стукнутый

    crazy, wacko, loony, nuts, off one's rocker

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