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What is worse?

– Что ху́же, когда́ жена́ не уме́ет гото́вить, и́ли не лю́бит гото́вить?
– Когда́ лю́бит, но не уме́ет.

In English

- What is worse: when the wife does not know how to cook or when she does not like to cook?
- When she loves cooking, but does not know how.
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2 comments on “What is worse?

  1. adamselwith says:

    Somewhat difficult to see in the humour in this one. I imagine, it’s for male groups who engage in complaining about their wives. The answer here is neither of the two options, but rather an illogical combination of both: loves to cook but is unable. I.e. my wife is crazier than yours. Even with that explanation, it’s actually a very weak joke, needing some alcohol in order to raise a laugh.

    • Очень по-русски says:

      Hello Adam,

      I think you are taking it too seriously. The joke is build on the game of words and that’s what funny about it. No need to try to apply it to real people, or if you do, you should it with humor.

      It is actually not easy to find funny and decent jokes. Maybe if you know some, you could send them to us and we would tell them in Russian. 🙂

      Have a nice week!

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