Russian joke of the week

Lottery trick


– Па́па, заче́м ты купи́л у сосе́да мёртвого осла́? Кому́ он ну́жен?
– А мы разыгра́ем его́ в лотере́ю, как живо́го, и зарабо́таем в 100 раз бо́льше.
– Но ведь вы́игравший уви́дит, что осёл мёртв, и устро́ит сканда́л!
– А мы вернём ему́ его́ де́ньги…


- Dad, why did you buy a dead donkey from a neighbor? Who needs it?
- We will organize a lottery with him as a prize as if he was alive and earn 100 times more.
- But the winner will see that the donkey is dead and make a scandal!
- Then we will return him his money...
Please note that we do not necessarily agree with the message that is implied in the jokes we publish. However, since the jokes reflect people's understanding of life, we choose to show all its sides.

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