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Husband decided to attend the birth of his child

Муж реши́л прису́тствовать при ро́дах. Жена́ начала́ рожа́ть, он упа́л в о́бморок, откача́ли. Так ещё па́ру раз. В конце́ концо́в он очну́лся, ему́ говоря́т:
– Поздравля́ем! Вы ста́ли па́пой!
– Кто роди́лся?
– Дочь!
– Ну, сла́ва Бо́гу! Хоть не бу́дет му́читься так, как я!

In English

(The translation is not literal)

A husband decided to attend the birth of his first child. As soon as his wife began to give birth, he fainted. The doctors brought him back, but he fainted again. At last when it was done, the doctors brought him back for the last time and told him:
- Congratulations! You are now a dad!
- Is it a girl or a boy?
- It's a girl!
- Oh! Thanks God! At least she won't have to struggle as we men do!
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